#grafisch ontwerp #website #drukwerk

Glascentra Bavikhove

We designed and developed the new website for Glascentra Bavihove. We also previously prepared a brochure for them.


Barco IT

Participated in programming on Clickshare and Sitecore development

#consultancy #website

Axa Bank digital

Programming on the digital platform for Axa Bank


Beaulieu International Group

Leading the development of the online platform for all BIG websites and product pages.

#website #consultancy


Programming on Brunel's broadcast platform. Continue to support and further develop the international jobs website.



Website developed for Patriveras. A company that brings together real estate investors.

#grafisch ontwerp #website

Building Capital

We developed a website for the Dutch Building Capital. A company that brings together private investors.

#grafisch ontwerp #website


Create a website for Greic. This client advises wealthy clients in managing their resources. We structured their activities and created content for them. We then poured this into a corporate layout.

#grafisch ontwerp #website #drukwerk


Logo design, website design, photography, socials, the full package. Experimenting in marketing

#grafisch ontwerp #website


We made the webshop for JUULS, handmade jewels.

#grafisch ontwerp #bestickering


Vehicle fleet stickers at Modelka


Gardens Bert Lambrecht

Designing and programming a website for gardener Bert Lambrecht.

#grafisch ontwerp #website


Logo and website developed for Brabant Car Harelbeke. The largest caravan specialist in Harelbeke.

#drukwerk #bestickering #grafisch ontwerp

Sales stand in shoppingcenter

Design of wrapping for sales stand in shopping center. We also provided the design of the price lists on the light boxes.

#grafisch ontwerp #drukwerk #bestickering

Birth card & candy Liam

Designing and printing the birth announcement, as well as the stickering on the birth candy packaging.


Stickering camper

Stickering of camper with new line drawing in metallic gray and matte black.

#grafisch ontwerp

Wedding invitation

Wedding invitation designed in bridal couple's preferred style. Unfortunately, the party was canceled due to Covid-19

#drukwerk #grafisch ontwerp

Business card

Our first business card, because we need one too

#drukwerk #grafisch ontwerp

Wedding invitation 2.0

Wedding invitation for a post-corona wedding party. In modern BOHO style.

#grafisch ontwerp #bestickering

Cargo bike stickering

We designed and placed stickers with her name in a jungle theme for the transport of Border Collie Jane.

#grafisch ontwerp

Logo design for Battistrada.com

Logo design for the website Battistrada.com. This website collects a complete calendar of cycling events and may be linked to cycling holiday options.

#grafisch ontwerp


Logo designed according to customer wishes. Fre-Co carries out blower door tests, ventilation measurements and prepares EPC reports, one of the mandatory documents when selling a home.


Physiotherapy Charlotte Mestdagh

We have provided the renovated practice with door number stickers to facilitate communication between patient and physiotherapist.

#grafisch ontwerp


Logo design for Pet House. This client preferred a happy figurative logo.

#grafisch ontwerp #drukwerk


Logo design for RuMaSS. Then print sweaters with their own logo as well as an advertising panel to promote their activities.

#grafisch ontwerp #drukwerk

Melissa Pille Photography

Design logo and business card for wedding photographer

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